Mastering Steady State Exercise at Home

Nov 08, 2023 By Madison Evans

Whenever you think of someone engaging in cardiovascular workouts, you probably picture them panting heavily, their complexion red from effort, and their clothes drenched in sweat. There is some truth to these mental images since vigorous cardiac training may cause heavy breathing and a racing heart. However, you don't need to put yourself through that much pain in order to benefit from cardiovascular exercise.

Is there another way? Think about LISS (low-intensity steady-state) cardio, which is easier on the body but just as effective. This aerobic workout puts your heart to the test without putting too much pressure on your joints, and it's open to people of all ages and fitness levels. Here, a pair of fitness experts explain what low-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio is, the benefits it offers, and how it compares to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Furthermore, they give realistic LISS workout routines for instant adoption.

Home LISS Routines

We're covering five LISS activities ideal for residential settings here. At-home LISS routines are great for getting your heart rate up and adding some cardio to your day. Remember that LISS isn't about going into cardiac arrest. The key is to keep a calmer, steadier beat going for longer stretches of time. The next exercises may be modified for a wide range of intensities; however, keeping an eye on your heart rate and avoiding overexertion will help guarantee that they are in line with the LISS philosophy.


Walking is an excellent LISS exercise that can be done anywhere, even at home or in your immediate environment. Maintaining a steady pace, walk around your house or neighbourhood for 30 minutes to an hour. Owning a treadmill obligates no one to run each instance of usage. In truth, ambulation gives a brilliant way to participate in a LISS cardiovascular workout sans overstrain. Walking is a great restorative practice that may also be used as a complementary kind of training to achieve certain goals.

Climbing Stairs

Inspiring settings for LISS stair climbing exercises may be found in the comfort of one's own home. Use the structure to your advantage, whether it's a duplex or a multi-story apartment building. Invigorate your muscles while you climb by listening to upbeat music or interesting podcasts.


When it comes to increasing cardiovascular exercise without taxing the body unduly, cycling is the way to go. There's no need to ride a bicycle around your apartment complex. This may be done on a stationary cycle or by installing an indoor trainer on a regular bicycle. Put your favourite movie in the queue, and start watching!


Due to its little impact on the body, swimming is recommended to people of all ages. Aquatic settings provide an almost weightless world, liberating the body from the constraints of gravity and allowing for fluid, easy movement. Even though this requires the use of a pool, we still include it as a LISS routine since it can be done at home or at a local community pool.


Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is simplified when you have access to a home elliptical trainer. These machines are quite small and may be accommodated in a range of residential areas, such as a garage or a home office alcove. Elliptical trainers are similar to treadmills in that they increase heart rate, but they're easier on the body than running on a traditional treadmill. Since this machine does not place the same strain on the body that jogging does, it is recommended as an alternative cardio exercise.

LISS Workout Plan

Three LISS workouts per week is a good goal for beginners. Those with moderate to advanced fitness levels may benefit from alternating one or two weekly LISS sessions with three to five HIIT sessions.

No matter your fitness level, you should do some kind of resistance training twice a week to strengthen your muscles. LISS may be accomplished on cardio equipment for a standard duration of 45-60 minutes, whether in a fitness centre or at home with a membership.

Outdoor enthusiasts could participate in lengthy jogs or bicycle adventures or go into difficult terrains for treks. A fast stroll is yet another effective LISS technique.

Those who need a change of pace may include a HIIT routine once or twice a week. Due to its high intensity, HIIT only has to last for 20 to 30 minutes.

Are LISS Cardiovascular Exercises Suitable for You?

LISS, which is typically safe and suitable for people of all fitness levels, is a great addition to many other kinds of workouts.

If a 45- to 60-minute cardio session fits easily into your schedule, and you prefer a consistent pace to vary intensities, LISS may be the best option for you.

Regular cardiovascular exercise is a crucial aspect of preparing for endurance events like the 10K, the half marathon, the triathlon, or a bicycle competition. By simulating game situations in practice, you're showing that you understand and can use the notion of specificity.

What are the Advantages?

LISS cardiovascular exertion, analogous to varied exercise types, gives many salubrious advantages. Improved blood flow, lower stress, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and better mental performance are just a few of the benefits.

The benefits of cardiovascular activity at LISS include:

  • Enhanced fat burning and breakdown. Increased adipose tissue oxidation over muscle glycogen stores is one of the benefits of LISS. Another study from 2014 shows that continuous aerobic exercise is more effective than HIIT in reducing fat storage.
  • Accessible to people of varying fitness levels. LISS is the best modality for novices because of its low learning curve and little effect on the brain. Many people in the middle and upper ranges of fitness use it as part of their routines to increase endurance.
  • Encouragement of speedy recovery. LISS, by easing the burden on the heart and body, might make recuperation times shorter and less taxing.
  • Optimal performance in endurance training. Sustained, less severe exercise is an effective tactic for endurance competitions because it puts less stress on the heart and lungs than high-intensity sessions.
  • Benefits for recuperation after a strenuous exercise. After a day of strenuous activity, LISS may be used as a recovery exercise.


Fat reduction, increased endurance, and a shortened recovery period are just a few of the many advantages of LISS cardio. No matter your fitness level, from novice to athlete, this program is a great alternative to high-intensity training. Because of how universally useful it is, from regular exercise to more advanced endurance training, it is essential to any comprehensive strategy for protecting and bettering one's physical health.

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