Know About Teething Symptoms and How to Help Your Baby Get Relief

Oct 18, 2023 By Nancy Miller

Teething is inevitable in a baby's growth, which can be distressing and make them uncomfortable. Also, this time is nerve-wracking for the parents as their little ones struggle to cut out their first teeth. But there are always different ways to help the baby get relief from their pain.

When you see the swollen gums, trying to chew the hard things, crying a lot, and rubbing their cheeks, it is clear that your baby is teething. A baby who is teething is always harder to calm. But chilled fruits, a cool metallic spoon, teething toys, a warm bath, gum massage, cuddles, and a cool washcloth can relieve the baby.

The children begin teething from age four to seven and get about twenty teeth till age three. The entire period is really painful for both children and parents. Fortunately, there are various ways to calm the babies during that period. So, if you want to learn about them and want to know about the signs of teething, this article is for you.

What Is Teething?

Teething begins when your baby's teeth start breaking through the gums. The teeth start at 4 to 7 months, an ongoing process. First, you will see two teeth on the front bottom.

The symptoms of the teething are mild, and it keeps your baby uncomfortable only for a few days, and the baby feels calm as the teeth erupt. Remember that teething can be a little challenging for the babies and parents. So, you need to be comfortable at that time!

What Are The Teething Symptoms In Children?

Below are the teething symptoms of children:

  1. Coughing, crying and fussiness
  2. Tendered, red, and swollen gums
  3. Baby wants to chew everything
  4. Rashes on the face due to the drool
  5. Babies bring their hands to their mouths
  6. You will witness changes in their sleeping or eating patterns
  7. Baby rubs his cheeks or pulls the ears
  8. Temperature rises (less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

How To Help Your Baby Get Relief From Teething Pain?

Below are the best best-teething remedies that can provide relief to your baby:

Chilled Fruits

Your babies can eat solid food after six months. So, when teething, you can soothe your baby by giving him sweet treats like chilled mashes, bananas, strawberries, and other soft fruits. It is one of the best home remedies for teething babies.

Cool Metallic Spoon

The spoons can be helpful to you in teething. So, take a spoon from the kitchen, put it in the fridge, and rub it against the baby's gums when it cools.

Non-Gel Teething Toy

The cold things can ease the pain of a baby. Place the rubber teething toy of your baby in the fridge and let it cool for some time. You can give that to your kid, but make sure it is clean.

Cool Washcloth

Take a clean washcloth, submerge it in water, and take it out. Now, you will place this damp cloth in the fridge. Once the cloth gets cool, you can fold it and give it to the baby to chew. It will provide a relief to the baby.

Warm Bath

A warm bath will relax and soothe the baby. Also, it will be a great distraction and fun for your little champ.

Gum Massage

A gentle massage is one of the best remedies to soothe a teething baby. So, wash your hands and rub your index finger on the baby's gums gently in a circular motion. The baby may try to chew the finger, but that is normal. You can also apply a little pressure by pressing the baby's gum. It will also provide relief to the baby.

Wiping The Drool

Drooling is a clear sign of teething. So, you can use the soft bibs to protect the clothes and skin of the baby. It will help you in keeping the baby's face clean and dry.


Cuddles, hugs, and snuggling can be an effective remedy. So, as many cuddles and hugs to your bay as possible.


If any remedy does not work for your baby, consult the doctor. The most common medicine for teething is acetaminophen, but before starting any medication, you must consult the doctor.

Bed Time

Many babies feel more pain at night. So, a warm bath before bedtime can relax your baby and let him fall asleep quickly. It will be helpful, especially if the baby is uncomfortable.

A Little Noise Will Be Better

When your baby is suffering from pain and feeling uncomfortable, you can make a little noise to distract your baby. For instance, you can play music for them.

What You Need To Avoid?

The following are the treatments you must avoid:

  • Do not use the homeopathic teething tablets. Remember that an overdose of these medicines can cause seizures or cause the baby to face difficulty breathing.
  • The teething bracelets or necklaces can cause choking, mouth injuries, and infections. So, you must avoid them.
  • Teething medicines containing benzocaine or lidocaine provide instant relief to the baby, but these can be fatal.

When Babies Start Teething?

Every baby is different, and the teething time also differs among children. Generally, a baby gets its first teeth between four and ten months. The process of teething continues at the age of three. But, many babies don't get their first till they don't become one year old.

It is rare, but many babies are born with their first tooth. These teeth are known as natal teeth. Many kids also start teething within four weeks, and those teeth are known as the neonatal teeth.


Teething is an important part of a baby's development. But, at the same time, it can be a little painful and stressful for babies and parents. Fortunately, different remedies can relieve a baby's pain to an extent, like using a cool metallic spoon, chilled fruits, teething toys, gum massage, cool washcloth, cuddles, and a warm bath. So, when you witness teething symptoms in your baby, use any remedies!

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